City Manager's Office

Colley.jpgCity Manager:  City Manager Lance Colley directs and coordinates the work of all City departments based upon the goals and objectives established by the Mayor and City Council.  Through the management team, the Manager directs and supervises all activities of the City departments to obtain the utmost efficiency, works under the general direction of the City Council which establishes policies and ordinances that the City Manager implements and administers.  The Manager is responsible to the City Council for the planning, coordination and overall performance of the organization and the budget; assists the Council in carrying out its responsibilities by providing information and advice and by keeping the Council informed about the performance of City departments and represents the City to other agencies.

To accomplish these responsibilities, the Administrative Office also consists of the City Recorder Sheila Cox, Human Resources Director John VanWinkle, Management Assistant Koree Tate.

Cox.jpgCity RecorderSheila Cox is responsible for the management and retention of all City records, leases, contracts and agreements, legal and public notices, elections, business registrations, special permits and licenses, distribution and handling of all bids, assistance in property management and liens, ordinances and resolutions and serves as Clerk of the City Council.


Van_Winkle.jpgHuman Resources Director
:  John VanWinkle is responsible for formulation and administration of personnel rules and bargaining agreements, collective bargaining negotiations, workers compensation claims and program oversight, risk management, insurance purchasing and administration, benefits purchase and oversight, visitor and convention support, employee training and safety and assists with emergency operations planning.

Together we provide the following services:

Alarm Agent Applications
Business Registrations
Citizen Inquiries/Compliments
City Elections
City Records, Contracts and Leases
Community Outreach

Employment Opportunities
General Administration
Human Resources
Legislative Program
Mayor and Council Support
Media Relations
Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

Property Management
Risk Management (Liability & Workers Compensation)
Special Event Permits
Special Licensing

Our offices may be reached by calling 541-492-6866 or via e-mail at