Code Compliance

torn_down_building.pngThe CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION helps maintain the community as an attractive, safe and healthy physical environment. The Code Compliance Division provides a variety of code compliance services primarily focused on housing code, land use and public nuisance complaints or inquiries. Our Staff applies the standards of the Municipal Code and Land Use and Development Ordinance to address your concern and inquiries.

Contact our Office at 541-492-6750.

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                       Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation Services

Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation Services offers a prompt, efficient, affordable means of resolving disputes by helping people talk to each other in a thoughtful, productive manner.
Mediation helps individuals, businesses, neighbors and families with a variety of conflicts to discuss important issues and reach a resolution that is acceptable to everyone.  

Contact Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation Services for more information:
541.530.2578 (email)


Codes Applicable to Nuisances

Roseburg Municipal Codes

Land Use and Development Ordinance

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