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January 4, 2016 Meeting


File No. LUDO-15-2


Roseburg Planning Commission
February 1, 2015
7:00 p.m.


Roseburg City Hall
Council Chambers
900 SE Douglas Ave
Roseburg, OR 97470

         PROPOSAL:           The proposed amendments will apply to the following sections of LUDO:

Click on the link under each "Section" to view the proposed amendments. Each link will open a PDF. Use the following key to interpret new versus old amendments.

Key: Red Text = Deletions
Blue Text = New Language 
Black Text = No Change
Highlighted Text = Updated Code from January 4 Hearing




Garage setbacks

Creates a minimum yard requirement of 20 ft. for the frontage of a lot with a garage face.


Improved Open Space in conjunction with multi-family development

Requires developers to reserve an “improved common area” with improvements accessible by all residents for multi-family developments.


Landscaping Standards

Adds parking area planter standards to parking lots with 10 spaces or more.



Facilities (Cell Towers)

Updates standards with regard to current practices and design techniques as well as Federal Law. Requires towers to have a “stealth design”.



Prohibits sheathing materials in construction. Reduces front and exterior yards to 3 feet height limit to fit clear vision compliance. Extends height allowance from 6 feet to 7 feet without permit.


Drive-up Uses

Businesses with drive-up windows will provide a stacking area to reduce traffic congestion on site and adjacent streets.



Substantial improvement defined as an improvement 30% or greater, cumulatively. Critical Facilities not permitted in Zone X (500yr.). Adds standards for Federally Funded projects.

2.9.050, 2.9.220, 2.9.270, 2.9.080, 2.9.330, 2.9.340  

Lighting Standards

Combats the trend of installing overly-bright lighting which contributes to glare, nuisance, and l
ight pollution.


Clear Vision Standards

Changes how clear vision is measured. Adds residential driveways to clear vision area.


Open Space requirements resulting from subdivision and/or PUD

Standard may apply to certain properties that are being divided, are planned for a park, and land is accepted by City.

6.1.130, 6.1.170, 6.2.060


Simplification of standards. Removing content regulations. Improves standards for multi-tenant buildings


Building Additions (Site Plan Review)

Requires provision of curb, gutter, sidewalks for building additions. Creates individual lot local improvement districts or “LID’s” and allows special financing for these lot improvements.

3.1.040, 3.2.050

Transitional Uses

Allows for permitted uses in adjoining zoning districts to be conditionally permitted in certain applicable districts.


Transitional Height Standards

Limits maximum height requirement in Commercial zone that is adjacent to a residential zone.


Riparian Vegetation Corridor

Previously a site review standard. Now added as an overlay


Sidewalks in Subdivisions

Requires sidewalks to be constructed prior to final plat. Allows for developer to defer sidewalk construction for up to 5 years.

6.1.190(5), 6.2.110

Off-Street Parking

Medical and dental offices parking requirements increases to 1 space per 200 sq. ft. of gross floor space.  Requires a vehicle waiting area to reduce traffic conflicts on site. Introduces motorcycle parking space minimum standards

3.3.080, 3.3.110, 3.3.170

The file (LUDO-15-2) is available for inspection and copies can be purchased at Roseburg Community Development Department, 3rd Floor of City Hall, 900 SE Douglas Avenue, Roseburg, Oregon, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Revised 1/25/2016  FULL TEXT version of LUDO amendments

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