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LUDO Updates - The CDD continues to draft updates to the Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO). The link above will download a copy of the current updates that are under an informal review at this time.

Land Use Planning in Oregon - An article written by Ethan Seltzer, a PSU Professor, detailing the history of State legislation that guides land use planning in Oregon.

Roseburg's Downtown Plaza Feasibility Study - through a grant from the State's Transportation and Growth Management Program, City staff and interested community members worked with SERA Architects, Inc. and Johnson Reid, LLC to assess the viability of establishing a plaza in the downtown area.

The objectives of the project were to assess the suitability and possible locations of a plaza, develop potential designs of the best location, and approximate the cost to develop the conceptual design. The project included significant public participation, analyses of sites, and an assessment of market conditions regarding new construction of mixed-use buildings in the downtown area.

SERA concluded that the site commonly known as the “old Rite Aid,” located at the corner of SE Jackson Street and SE Washington Avenue, was the most appropriate site given its location relative to the downtown area as well as other positive characteristics. However, as represented in the conceptual designs, the consultants recognize that an effective public space can only be achieved with accompanying commercial or mixed-use development in order to establish active uses on all sides that will create a more vibrant and safe public realm. This development could be realized with a private investment or through a partnership of public and private investment. It is possible that public investment in some of the amenities shown in the plans could entice private investment in the derelict site. Such participation on behalf of the City would be in keeping with Urban Renewal objectives. However, public investment by itself will not result in a successful plaza.

Two public meetings were held in addition to a presentation to City Council where results of the study were the links below to view the final report, the concept board, the three individual conceptual designs and pro formas of each option.

Roseburg Final Report

Roseburg Concept Layout Board

Option 1
Option 1 Pro forma

Option 2
Option 2 Pro forma

Option 3
Option 3 Pro forma

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