Elevation Certificates & Flood Safety Information

F-053_ElevCertif_29Nov12_Fillable.pdf"Floods are 'acts of God',

 but flood losses are largely acts of man."

Gilbert F. White

How Code Officials Keep You Safe

The Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) requires an elevation certificate be completed for floodplain development within the City of Roseburg. First your surveyor or engineer completes a pre-construction elevation certificate which establishes the design flood elevation of the structure. Then the building inspector verifies that construction meets that standard. Prior to issuing a certificate of occupancy, the building official requires a post-construction elevation certificate to document that your building meets Roseburg Floodplain regulations and to set the rate of flood insurance on the structure.

Click here to see Elevation Certificates the City currently has on file. The City does not have EVERY elevation certificate on file, so if don’t see yours on the list below please send us a copy!

Fillable Elevation Certificate


If you have any concerns about Floodplain development, please contact our Certified Floodplain Manager, Teresa Clemons, at 541-492-6877 or come into the Community Development Department. We can also meet on your property. 

If you have questions about flooding in general, Flood Insurance, structural and non-structural flood protection and mitigation, retrofitting your residence, drainage, sewer backflow fittings, Ms. Clemons would be happy to assist you!


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