Operations Division

The Roseburg Fire Department Operations Division is comprised of three strategically located fire stations.  Each station houses an engine company and station one and three house our ladder companies as well.  Roseburg Fire Department operates on a modified 3-platoon system.

Each shift is comprised of eleven personnel; three Lieutenants, three Driver/Engineers and four Firefighters and a Battalion Chief who has the responsibility to supervise their respective shift.

The Operations Division is responsible for the delivery of emergency services to the citizens and visitors of the City of Roseburg. Fire personnel perform a variety of tasks including fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, technical rescue, public education and fire prevention.

Operations Contact Information

Gary Garrisi, Assistant Chief

Chris Sutton, A Shift Battalion Chief

Drew Fairbairn, B Shift Battalion Chief

Dave Newquist, C Shift Battalion Chief

Training/Specialty Teams

The Roseburg Fire Department provides personnel with continuous operational training.

All personnel receive, on an annual basis, a variety of training courses including but not limited to:

Emergency Medical Services
Engine Company Skills
Hazardous Materials 

Hazardous Materials

The Oregon State Regional Haz-Mat Team 1 (HM-1) is comprised of personnel from the Roseburg Fire Department.  HM-1 is a regional and statewide responder to hazardous materials incidents.

The personnel who make up the Haz-Mat team are assigned to various fire stations and respond to everyday emergencies.  Each member of the team has completed 160 hours of Hazmat Technician training and receives continuous training on a monthly basis.