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Payment Options

Roseburg Municipal Court accepts cash, checks, VISA  and MasterCard for payment of court fines and fees. Credit card payments  to the court can only be made in person.

After-hours payments to release a person from  custody at Douglas County Jail can be made directly at the Douglas  County Jail. This service is available from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.  Monday through Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays.  Cash  payments only will be accepted.


Municipal Court has an internal and external  collection process for collecting outstanding fines and fees owed to the  court.  When a fine is imposed, all defendants are obligated to pay the  full amount of the fine and fees.  The court does permit payment  arrangements for those defendants who are unable to pay the full fine  imposed.

Payment plans are authorized based upon review  of financial circumstances and payment history.  Upon entering into a  payment plan with the court, defendants are responsible for keeping said  agreement. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this  agreement will result in further action by the court.  Further action  may include:  contempt complaints, show cause hearings, drivers license  suspensions and/or turnover to an external collection agency.

The court has established specific criteria and  time lines for submittal of accounts to an external collection agency.   Defendants with accounts assigned to an external collection agency must  contact and work directly with the collection agency to make payment  arrangements.  The court will receive notification of account payments  from the collection agency each time a payment is received.  When the  account is paid in full, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles will be  notified for Suspension Clearances.  When the court receives the final  payment from the external collection agency the case will be closed.


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