Patrol Division

IMG_0022.JPGCaptain Jerry Matthews is assigned as the Operations Commander and is responsible for the day to day function of the police department. Operations includes the Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division, Traffic Division, Administrative Services, Records, and Community Resources. Each division is headed by a supervisor who reports directly to Captain Matthews.

Twenty-four sworn personnel are assigned to the uniform patrol division. Each shift is authorized a strength of four to five patrol officers in addition to the line supervisors. The priority of the patrol division is response to calls for service.

The Patrol Division is the initial responder to all calls for service to the department. These include reported crimes of all nature, suspicious persons, business or residential checks, narcotics enforcement, citizen complaints and enforcement of state and local laws and ordinances.

Patrol officers may conduct the initial investigation of any crime.

Patrol officers investigate deaths, accidents, make arrests and issue criminal and traffic citations and transport prisoners. A patrol sergeant who participates in hiring, training and scheduling of personnel supervises each shift.

You can contact Captain Matthews by calling him at (541) 492-6760 or send him an e-mail at

You can also e-mail a patrol supervisor or patrol officer directly by utilizing our e-mail directory listed below:

Sergeant Jeff Eichenbusch
Corporal Todd Crouse
Sergeant Gary Klopfenstein
Corporal Doug Walton
Sergeant Jeremy Sanders
Corporal Matt Bird

Traffic Division

Traffic officer is primarily assigned to traffic related issues, complaints and enforcement.

The traffic officer conducts traffic surveys, investigates traffic accidents and is assigned to specialized enforcement in areas dictated by accident or survey statistics. The officer is also assigned to short and long term traffic control at locations of accidents, special events, traffic control device malfunctions, roadway closures and hazardous materials spills.

Criminal Investigation Division

Sergeant Joe Kaney commands the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). Sgt. Kaney supervises four criminal detectives. 

CID provides specialized investigative services for the police department. This includes confidential investigations as directed by the Chief of Police, internal investigations, special investigations requested by the District Attorney's Office and follow up on all felony investigations conducted by the police department. Four detectives have responsibility for investigating all felonies and certain misdemeanors.

CID serves as liaison with the District Attorney's Office, FBI, Oregon Department of Justice, and other outside agencies. Weapons sales and related violations are also monitored.

CID provides specialized training to the department. They also provides training and education programs to the general public and private sector.

CID is a prime participant in the county's Major Crimes Team because of their training, experience and expertise. They also have the responsibility of investigating any suspicious deaths, homicides, and other crimes of a serious nature.

You can contact Sergeant Kaney by calling him at 541-492-6760 or send him an e-mail at

Records Division

Staff Assistant Yvonne Russell functionally supervises the Records Division. The Records Division consists of two records specialists.

The Records Division is responsible for maintaining, recording, tabulating and disseminating information compiled by the department. Information generated from reports, citations and other documents are transferred to computer. Statistics on all criminal, non-criminal activities, accidents, citations and miscellaneous contacts are maintained.

The Records Division also distributes police reports to courts, other enforcement agencies and officers within our department.

Statistics required for Oregon Uniform Crime Reports are compiled and forwarded to the State. Employees act as receptionists for the Department by greeting the public, obtaining information, giving directions, answering routine questions, providing appropriate forms or permits and collecting moneys for permits, licenses and reports.

You can contact Yvonne Russell by calling her at 541-492-6760 or send her an e-mail at


Dana Bateson


Sharon Goodman


Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team

The Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team (DINT) was originally formed in October 1989. The specialized unit was formed as part of a three-prong approach to substance abuse issues affecting Douglas County. The law enforcement component works closely with the demand reduction and treatment prongs of the Countywide plan.

DINT is comprised of partnerships made up of Douglas County, Douglas County Sheriff's Office, Roseburg Police Department, Oregon State Police, Oregon National Guard, and the Douglas County District Attorney's Office.

DINT's primary responsibility is the investigation and enforcement of State ond Federal Controlled Substance laws. DINT's mission also entails training for area police and fire departments, the public, and private sector businesses.

DINT is involved with county wide businesses through our Narcotics Awareness Recognition Committee (NARC), area community groups, clubs, neighborhood watch, along with a host of governmental bodies, including schools, drug court, and family court.

Lieutenant Pat Moore supervises Roseburg PD Detectives who are assigned to the DINT team.

For more information call 541-440-4474 or check out the DINT Website

Community Resources

Sergeant Dennis Chrisenbery commands the Community Resource Division. Sergeant Chrisenbery is responsible for our community programs, including crime prevention through education, and coordinating department training and grants. He is also the department's public information officer, providing the media with timely information about incidents and crimes that occur within the city and fielding general questions from the public.

As part of the Community Resource Division, Sergeant Chrisenbery is responsible for the coordination of special events such as our Citizen Police Academy and the department's participation in Graffiti Night festivities and Music on the Halfshell.

Another part of Community Resources is the Volunteers in Police Service Program. The VIPS program provides an opportunity for senior volunteers to get involved in their community through the police department. VIPS members provide hundreds of hours of service each month by conducting vacation house checks, operating the radar reader board, establishing traffic control at accidents and special events, enforcing disabled parking violations, conducting foot patrols, and abandoned vehicle mitigation.

In the station, VIPS provide services ranging from fingerprinting to subpoena service to court bailiff.

You can contact Sergeant Chrisenbery at 541- 492-6776 or e-mail at