Senior Volunteers in Police Service

vips.jpgThe police department established the Volunteers In Police Service or VIPS program in 1994. The goal of the VIPS program was to augment the police department's service to the community and do it at little or no cost.

Currently, the VIPS program employs eight senior volunteers, all of whom are members of the Douglas County Retired Senior Volunteer Program or RSVP. VIPS members are retired members of the community who are interested in volunteering a few hours a week. VIPS duties include:

  • Vacation Home Security Checks
  • Special events crowd and traffic control
  • Radar Reader Board
  • Crime Prevention
  • Handicapped parking enforcement
  • Fingerprinting
  • Abandoned Vehicle Enforcement
  • Foot Patrols

Periodically, the department has a need for additional VIPS members. If you would like more information about the program, contact the Community Resources Sergeant during business hours.