Police K9 Program


The Roseburg Police department is proud to announce the formation of a K9 Unit.  Officer Todd Crouse, Officer Ryan Dingman and Officer Travis Dahl have been selected to be the handlers for the dogs.  All of the K9 teams are now on patrol. The tracking K9s, Helix (Hell-icks) and Iago (Yah-go) are both German Shepherds and are trained to locate persons and property.  The drug detection K9, Dora, is a Malinois.  New pictures of the K9s and their handlers will be coming soon.   

The program has been made possible through donations and grants from local businesses, organizations and individuals. Chief Jim Burge said "We are thrilled with the response from the community."  Volunteers have successfully raised fifty thousand dollars and that money will pay for the entire program for the first full year.

Would you like to have a K-9 presentation for your school or civic group?  We can schedule this type of event, as our schedule allows.  Please email Sergeant Jeff Eichenbusch at jeichenbusch@cityofroseburg.org to arrange a presentation.

Helix_K9_Demo_at_YMCA.jpg  Iago_demo_at_Fairgrounds.jpg  dora_demo_at_YMCA.jpg
             K9 Helix                                  K9 Iago                                    K9 Dora

IMG_6245 small.jpg  IMG_6183 small.jpg  IMG_6287 small.jpg

We now have "Friends of the Roseburg Police K9 Program" hats and shirts available for purchase.  You can find the order form by clicking here. Please check out the photos of the shirts and hats by clicking here.

- Pledge your support by mailing a tax-deductible donation (tax ID 93-6002247) to Roseburg Police Department c/o Chief Jim Burge; donations are also gladly accepted at the City of Roseburg Police Department and City Hall.

You can view a video of our progress by clicking the following link http://youtu.be/hbu-t0CYZ7Y

  IMG_5963 smaller.jpg             IMG_5974 smaller.jpg
    Officer/Handler Todd Crouse & K9 Helix                Officer/Handler Travis Dahl & K9 Dora 

                                          IMG_5943 smaller.jpg
                                           Officer/Handler Ryan Dingman & K9 Iago



Click here for Brochure

Fred Meyer has implemented a new method of donating to Non-Profit groups.  The K9 Program is an option for this new format.  Please see the following flyer.