Engineering Division

The engineering division issues right-of-way permits, provides development reviews, oversees the capital improvement program, and provides technical support to the community and other City departments.

Staff provides plan review services and provides data regarding ingrastructure to community residents, consulting engineers, surveyors and developers with the City.

City staff are also responsible for managing project design and construction management functions for all public works projects. The division also maintains and updates mapping for aerial photographs of City and locations of utilities.

Street Division

The street division has six primary areas of responsibility:100_1395.jpg
1.    Street patching & paving

2.    Ditch cleaning & street grading
3.    Street sweeping & bike path maintenance
4.    Street signs and crossings
5.    Street lighting
6.    Minor storm drain pipe line construction

Surface water drainage, sidewalks, and streets are discussed in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Surface Water Drainage

Adequate provisions shall be made to ensure proper drainage of surface waters, and to prevent soil erosion and flooding. The City of Roseburg shall manage public storm drainage facilities located on City-owned property, City rights-of-way, and City easements. Any person responsible shall maintain non-public storm drainage facilities on his property so as to prevent flooding or damage to other property not owned or controlled by the person responsible and to prevent injury to any person on property not owned or controlled by the person responsible. No property owner shall drain onto or impact neighboring properties.


The owner of land or real property abutting a sidewalk, retaining wall, driveway, drainage facility, culvert or other improvement shall maintain such improvements in good repair and safe condition. Any repair or replacement of sidewalks requires a permit to be obtained from the Public Works Department prior to commencing the work. The City of Roseburg does have a sidewalk rehabilitation program, available for residential areas only. The program requires the property owner to pay for the cost of materials and the City will absorb the cost of the labor. Contact the Public Works Staff for further information.


The Public Works Department is responsible for street repair, street sweeping, ditch cleaning, street grading, removing road hazards and debris from public rights of way (including dead animals), storm drainage, street and directional sign placement and maintenance, pavement marking, traffic signal maintenance and street lighting. If you have any questions regarding these issues, contact the Public Works Department.


The sanitary system within the city is the responsibility of Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority (RUSA). It is not affiliated with the City of Roseburg as it is a separate entity. If you have problems or questions pertaining to sanitary, private or public, contact RUSA at (541) 672-1551.

Water Division

The City of Roseburg is responsible for providing a reliable supply of high quality water to approximately 10,500 customers.  Water service is provided to customers located inside the City's Urban Growth Boundary (including inside City limits) and those customers previously members of the Dixonville Water Association.  It is estimated that water is supplied to a residential population of approximately 30,000 people.  The City of Roseburg Water Master Plan is available to view.


The Winchester water treatment plant treats up to 12 million gallons per day of water. The City's water source is the North Umpqua River. Personnel are responsible for ensuring the water is treated to meet state and federal drinking water standards. The City currently employs six full-time treatment plant operators.

More than 80 tests of water quality are performed each day by treatment plant operators. Records of testing are kept by the state.                                                     The City of Roseburg ID # is OR41-00720.    

Click on the Water Quality Report below to see the entire report.

water brochure.JPG


Treated water is pumped and piped from the treatment plant for distribution to the customer. To make sure there is enough water stored for emergencies and fire protection, 15 reservoirs with a combined capacity of 10.2 million gallons, are located on hills around town. The reservoirs, treatment plant, booster pump stations are connected to customers by over 150 miles of distribution pipe buried under streets in Roseburg. There are eleven full-time employees responsible for maintenance of the distribution system and reading water meters.

Questions about billing should be directed to the City of Roseburg Finance Department at 541-492-6710. Questions about water quality should be directed to the City of Roseburg Water Treatment Plant at 541-492-7030, Questions regarding application for new water service or other non-billing matters should be directed to the Public Works Department which can be reached at 541-492-6730.

Cross Connection "Backflow" Information

The City of Roseburg is responsible for administering the state-mandated cross connection program. Backflow prevention devices are required at locations where there is a cross connection (actual or potential) between the public water system and a source of contamination. The most common types of actual or potential cross-connections in a public system occur on the private side of the meter and include: landscape-irrigation systems, fire sprinkler systems, boiler systems, pop beverage dispensers, medical and dental facilities, hospitals, mortuaries, sanitary sewer facilities and industrial uses.

Oregon requires that backflow prevention devices be tested annually by a state certified tester. Annual testing of backflow prevention devices insures that the devices are functioning properly. Devices found to be malfunctioning must be repaired. Therefore, annual testing is important for the protection of the public's health and safety.

The City adopted a program for administering the testing of backflow prevention devices. Under this program, the City will send out notices to responsible parties. The responsible party is required to have the backflow assembly device(s) tested within sixty days of the date of the letter. Failure to complete the required testing may lead to discontinuance of water service. If a fire suppression system is involved, the Fire Department will be notified and may take further action if water to the system has been discontinured. The City will no longer have private devices tested and bill the responsible party.

It is the owners responsibility to have the backflow prevention devices tested. The City will require the devices to be tested by specified dates according to the location of the property. The following schedule has been identified:

If you live in this Section of the City -- Test Between these dates --

Northwest -------------------------------March 1 to April 30

Northeast --------------------------------- May 1 to June 30

Southwest -------------------------------- July 1 - August 31

Southeast -------------------- September 1 - October 31

Please click on the link below for more information

Annual Letter

Fire Service Letter

New Construction Letter


For billing questions please click on the following link Utility Information