2014 Public Works Projects

The Public Works Department has a busy construction season scheduled this summer.  Below is a brief synopsis of each project.  If you have any questions about any of the projects, please contact the Public Works Department at 541-492-6730.


Oak/Washington Street Improvement
Click here to see a design concept of the proposed improvements to Oak and Washington Streets or you can view a power point presentation of the entire proposed project by clicking here.  Attached is a copy of the traffic analysis for this project, to view it click here.  Each of the 4 proposed intersection designs are available to view, click here

HWY 138 Corridor Project
This is a joint project between City of Roseburg and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).  For more information go to

South Stewart Parkway Improvements
Design and permitting continue on this project to widen Stewart Parkway, add bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and provide flood mitigation for Newton Creek.  The project will involve widening and realigning Stewart Parkway, to reduce the severity of the curves and to provide additional space for storm water detention during storm events.  The project will also include the construction of sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides of this arterial street.  All required permits for the project have been obtained.  Staff intends to select a consultant to complete the final design by late 2014.  Bidding should occur in spring of 2015 with construction in the summer and fall.

News Release - June 20, 2013

Informational Memo

City of Roseburg Memorandum - March 1, 2000

Stewart Parkway Preliminary Realignment

Stewart Parkway Q & A 

Stephens/Chestnut Traffic Signal
Project is to signalize the intersection of Stephens and Chestnut Streets.  All permits, land, and easements have been acquired and the project is currently out to bid with construction to occur this summer.

2014 Pavement Management Projects
Staff will prepare construction documents for bidding of slurry seal projects and it is anticipated that slurry seals will be completed this summer.  Staff is analyzing the potential for a small overlay program this year.

As with any construction affecting a street, there may be delays or closures in the area.  Please be patient, use caution and pay close attention to flaggers and other construction workers.  Safety of both the workers and the traveling public is of utmost importance in all of our work zones.


Ballf Street Storm Drain Improvements -  The project consists approximately 2,800 feet of storm sewer varying in size from 12 to 48 inch diameter.  Additional improvements include 17 catch basins, 13 manholes, a concrete headwell and tidegate at the discharge, two sidewalk ramps, and other incidental work.  Construction should begin in May and be completed by August.


Washington, Oak, and Kane Streets Improvements -   This project included traffic and parking improvements as well as crosswalk, lighting, and bike lane improvements.  The project is presently in the design phase with bidding anticipated in early summer and construction to begin in late summer and continue into 2015. 

Design Concept

Power Point presentation of entire proposed project

Proposed Intersection Designs

Traffic Analysis

Jackson Street Retaining Wall - This project will replace a portion of the retaining wall supporting the sidewalk and street on Jackson Street near Court Street.  The project will bid in April and construction will occur this summer.

Parking Structure Improvements -  The City contracted with a consultant to evaluate possible improvements to teh downtown parking structure.  These improvements may include lighting upgrades for safety and structural modifications for security, and facade improvements to improve the structures aesthetics.  The evalustion has been completed and design will begin pending council approval.


Reservoir Hill Improvements - Replacement of the existing water main from the resevoir complex down to the railroad tracks and improvements to the reservoir piping is currently under design.  It is anticipated that the project will be bid in July and construction will occur during the fall and early winter.

HWY 138 Water Main Upgrades - This project consists of replacement and upgrade of portions of the water system that lie within the boundaries of ODOT's OR138E project slated for construction in 2015.  ODOT is making improvements and realigning portions of the HWY 138E Corridor between Freeway Exit 124 and Diamond Lake Blvd.  Improvements will include piping in Oak Street, Washington Street, Douglas Avenue, and Stephens Street.  Additionally, there are two water mains crossing the railroad within the project, one crossing is at Oak Avenue and the other crossing is at Douglas Avenue.  Deisgn is currently under way with the intent to bid the project in July with construction in the fall and ealy winter of 2014.

Nebo Street and Brown Avenue Water Main Improvements - The project consists of approximately 1,200 feet of 8-inch ductile pipe, 2 fire hydrants, reconnetion of residential services, and 4 water main tie-ins.  The project is out to bid and is expected to begin construction this summer.  The notice to proceed for construction is dependent on completion of work that RUSA is doing within the project boundaries.

Cathodic Protection - This project consists of study, design and construction services for the replacements of the existing cathodic protection system on the 20-inch / 24-inch transmission main, and the 30-inch transmission main between the Water Treatement Plant in Winchester and the main reservoir complex near Bellview Court.  The design is currently being completed and the projet will be bid this summer and constrcution will occur in the fall of 2014.

Telemetry Study - The City has an existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that was developed and installed in 1992 as part of the control systems upgrade at the Winchester Water Treatement Plant.  The system was expanded to include additional sites including 22 pump stations (13 on Telemetry), 13 reservoirs (9 on Telemetry), and 10 pressure relief / solenoid valves (1 on Telemetry), all spanning approximately 17 pressure zones.  A consultant has been fired to perform a study to analyze the existing system and provide recommendations for system upgrades.  The report will be complete in July.


Micelli Park Playground - The City was awarded a gift from Umpqua Bank of $100,000 to construct a new playground area at Micelli Park.  The project, being overseen by Public Works engineering and parks staff, is expected to be completed by early summer.  The new playground area will sit adjacent to teh recently completed multi-use path, and will include picnic tables and benches along with the play equipment.

Eastwood Park Renovation -  This project, being partially funded via a grant from Oregon State Parks & Recreation, entails the construction of a new play area with new equipment, new sidewalks, benches, and a picnic area.  The project also includes an area of riparian restroation at teh south edge of the park along Deer Creek.  The project is being designed by the Public Works Engineering Staff.  Construction will be performed by the Public Works Street Maintenance Crew.

Studies / Plans

Joint Permit Application For The 24 Inch Transmission Main (posted 7/2/12)

NE Stephens Street Pedestrian Crossing Study

SE Pine Street Pedestrian Crossing Study

Downtown Utility Undergounding Feasibility Study December 2010 draft version

Roseburg Storm Drainage Master Plan August 2011 final report

Capital Improvement Plan 2014-2018

Water System Master Plan July 2010

Telemetry Study February 2015