Press Release - Flashing Yellow Lights

October 13, 2017 at 8:32 AM


City of Roseburg

Press Release

October 13, 2017



On October 17, 2017 changes will occur at the following two intesections on Garden Valley Boulevard. 

Garden Valley and Troost Street
Garden Valley and Estelle Street 

The existing left turn signals from eastbound and westbound Garden Valley onto the sidestreets will utilize a flashing yellow arrow cycle.  Currently, these left turns are protected and are only allowed on a green arrow.  Left turns will now be allowed during a permissive cycle, which is identified by the flashing yellow arrow. 

These three head signals will operate similarly to the four head signals elsewhere on the City system.  As shown below, a red arrow means stop, a steady yellow arrow means prepare to stop, a flashing yellow arrow means you can make a left turn if it is safe to do so – you must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestirans, and a green arrow means that you have a protected left turn.  As with all left turns, please use caution when proceeding through the intersection and watch for pedestrians.