**Douglas County Landfill Recycling Changes**
Effective June 1, 2018 ~ The Douglas County Landfill will accept; Corrugated cardboard, aluminum, tin and scrap metal, batteries and oil.
For more information, click on the Recycle Power link below

**Curbside Recycling Changes**
Effective July 1, 2018 ~ Roseburg Disposal Co. will collect; Corrugated cardboard (the kind with the wavy center), aluminum and tin cans (rinsed out, no lids) glass bottles and jars ( rinsed out, no lids), and used motor oil in our curbside recycling program. Please note; all plastic & paper (newsprint, magazines & office paper) will no longer be collected.
For more information, click on the Roseburg Disposal link below

Five Great Reasons to Recycle

  1. Recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or that is burned or combusted
  2. Recycling conserves precious natural resources like wood, water, and minerals
  3. Recycling saves energy
  4. Recycling reduces emissions that contribute to global climate change
  5. Recycling can save businesses money due to decreased trash volume

Recycling Services - Residential & Commercial
Recycling services in Roseburg are administered by:
Roseburg Disposal
Douglas County Recycle Power

Residents who would like to be more involved in local recycling efforts are encouraged to volunteer for the Douglas County Solid Waste Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of resident and government representatives from Roseburg and surrounding communities. For opportunities surrounding volunteering on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee please contact the Douglas County Solid Waste Department at 541-440-4485


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