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The CODE COMPLIANCE DIVISION helps maintain the community as an attractive, safe and healthy physical environment. The Code Compliance Division provides a variety of code compliance services primarily focused on housing code, land use and public nuisance complaints or inquiries. Our Staff applies the standards of the Municipal Code and Land Use and Development Ordinance to address your concern and inquiries.  Contact the Community Development Department Office at 541-492-6750.

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The following addresses commonly asked questions received by City Staff.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all services available in the Roseburg area.  The information below is provided as a courtesy and is not meant to be an endorsement or approval of any website or the particular businesses or services listed.  If you cannot find the information you seek on our website, please refer to the Douglas County website which includes an amazing amount of information regarding recycling and disposal options.

The Steel Outlet
134 Quarry Road (On Diamond Lake near Fish and Wildlife Office)
Phone 541-672-5055
Business Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 to 5:00
Saturday 8:00 – noon
The Steel Outlet is a full service fabrication shop, along with retail sales of Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel and carries a large selection of trailer parts and accessories. Call for information on items they will take for recycling.

The Steel Recyclers
135 Kester Road
Phone 541-440-3005
The Steel Recyclers buy ferrous (iron based) metals such as appliances, car bodies, pipe, wheels, engine blocks, and just about any other scrap iron as well as non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, brass and wire.  Call or email with questions.  Email is

Buildings and Building Supplies

Heartwood Resources, 3495 Old Hwy. 99 South, recycles buildings and re-sells the materials. They will often dismantle and dispose of buildings more economically than other methods, though not necessarily faster. Phone 541-679-1777 for a bid. If you have time limitations, an excavation contractor can demolish a building and haul it to the landfill. Check your Yellow Pages.

Car Batteries

Most battery sellers will accept used batters, even if you aren't buying a new one. Douglas Welding Supply, 541-672-4446, 1223 NE Cedar St. will pay a small fee for regular car batteries or you can contact Steel Recyclers at the information above.

Cardboard and Paper

Curbside recycling of cardboard and paper is included in garbage collection fees from Roseburg's solid waste licensee.  To sign up for regular garbage pickup or order a large drop box, contact Roseburg Disposal at 835 SE Sheridan Street, Phone 541-673-7122


Sunrise Enterprises, 541-673-7083, also recycles cardboard and paper products. Material can be delivered to the Douglas County Transfer Station.


Operable vehicles may be donated to a varity of charities. Please check out the opportunities at

Computers, Stereos, Televisions, Cell Phones, Etc.

Going Green Recycling at 1900 SE Main (Southgate Shopping Center), Phone 541-673-3347
Goodwill Industries, 541-673-6032

Sunrise Enterprises, 541-673-7083

Dead Animals
Carcass disposal from city streets or city property is available by calling, 541-492-6898. Please do not call during nighttime hours.

Call the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad, 800-452-7888 or 503-378-6517.


Firearms and Ammunition

Unwanted firearms or ammunition can be donated to the Roseburg Rod and Gun Club. Phone the club at 541-673-5616 for details.

Hazardous Waste

(e.g. poisons, pesticides, solvents)  There is no local disposal.  Douglas County has a reciprocal agreement with Lane County for the Glenwood Transfer Station south of Eugene.  Phone 541-682-4120for an appointment which required.  Fees are charged. Businesses must call 541-682-3828 to arrange for small scale disposal of industrial hazardous waste.


Household Garbage

Douglas County operates the landfill.  The closest disposal site, at the McLain Avenue I-5 Exit (Exit 121), is open Wednesday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during April through October and from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during November through March.  The transfer station at the landfill will recycle motor oil, car batteries, plastic, paper and metals. There is a charge for appliances.  Curbside service for household garbage is available through Roseburg's solid waste licensee, Roseburg Disposal at 835 SE Sheridan Street, Phone 541-673-7122 

Junk Cars
The most economical way to dispose of a junk car is at a junk yard. Auto dismantlers will sell parts and crush the rest for scrap.  Therefore, you do not pay full towing and disposal charges.  If you do not have the title to a vehicle abandoned on your property, you can revoke parking privileges by placing a 72 HOUR NOTICE on the vehicle and contacting a tow truck three days thereafter if the vehicle has not been removed. Phone 541-492-6710for a copy of the 72 HOUR NOTICE.   Helpful people can be found at:

Clyde from Glide 541-957-5597

Roseburg Auto Parts & Recyclers 1-800-400-8786

Union Gap Auto Wrecking 541-459-2750
Walker's Sales and Service 541-672-5751

Junk Metal of Any Kind

McGovern Metals

3801 Highway 99 South (South of the Green exit from I-5)

Phone 541-679-7012
Business Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 to 5:00
Saturday 8:00 – 12:00
McGovern Metals will accept any metal scrap at no charge, but it needs to be separated into metal types. Compressors and motors must be removed from appliances. They will accept junk cars and trucks, but not tires. Title to the vehicle is required. If you roll it in, they will pick it up with a forklift while you remove the tires. Do not forget to take your own lug wrench.


From November through January, sweep dead leaves into a pile behind the curb. City Street crews will pick them up and recycle them into compost at the landfill. DO NOT burn leaves. The rest of the year, bag the leaves and transport them to the landfill for recycling.

Live Animals

The City of Roseburg contracts with Douglas County Animal Control, 541-440-4327

Motor Oil

Up to 5 gallons of motor oil at one time can be recycled at any Douglas County transfer station. DO NOT pour used motor oil on the ground, down a drain or put a filled container in the garbage. Using motor oil to "settle dust" on a road is illegal as it ends up in the river or in the water table.


Heartwood Resources, 3495 Old Hwy. 99 South, will recycle latex paints. Phone 541-679-1777 for details. Similar colors are mixed together and used to repaint low income housing.

Paint has to be solid for the landfill to take it. Leave the top open until it dries or mix it with kitty litter and spread it out until it dries.  If you have less than 25 gallons of solvent based paint, stripper or other hazardous waste to dispose of, Douglas County has a reciprocal agreement with Lane County for the Glenwood transfer station south of Eugene.  Phone 541-682-4120for an appointment which is required. Fees are charged.


Tires may be disposed of at the Douglas County Landfill for a fee which is charged dependent on the size of the tire.  The County does not accept tires on rims.

Tires on Rims

Tire companies such as Big O or Les Schwab will dispose of tires on rims for a minimal charge.

Woody Debris

Christmas trees, tree prunings, old lumber, pallets or any wood with nothing larger than a heavy staple, can be recycled at the Douglas County Landfill.


We all have items we do not want that are too valuable to throw away. Please donate to the charity of your choice.

Some possibilities are:

ADAPT Deer Creek 541-673-5119
Casa de Belen 541-677-0073

Douglas C.A.R.E.S. 541-957-5646

Goodwill Industries 541-673-6032

Greater Douglas United Way 541-672-1734

NeighborWorks Umpqua 541-673-4909
Roseburg Junior Academy 541-673-5278

Roseburg Rescue Mission 541-673-3004

Salvation Army 541-672-6679

Saving Grace Animal Shelter 541-672-1473

Sunrise Enterprises 541-673-7083

UCAN 541-672-3421

Wildlife Safari 541-679-6761