City Manager Message


What a great time of year in the City of Roseburg!  We recently adopted the 2013-14 budgets for the City and our Urban Renewal Agency.  A major Roseburg Regional Airport project is underway.   A number of Public Works projects have recently been awarded, and more are on the way!

So how did we get here?  It all starts with Council Goal Setting.  In January of 2013, Staff and Council met in two work sessions to evaluate the previously adopted Strategic Plan and  determine what “big picture”  issues would be our highest priorities for the next few years.  On February 25, City Council adopted Resolution No. 2013-2 which included five goals:

A.  Identify and Implement Long-Term Infrastructure Funding Mechanisms to Ensure the City can meet Long-Term Infrastructure System Sustainability

 B.  Develop Strategies to Provide Long-Term Operational Stability and Sustainability

 C. Update and Implement the Urban Renewal Financial and Project Plan; Evaluate Establishment of Additional Urban Renewal Plan Area

D.  Citywide Beautification

E.  Define and Establish Business Friendly and Improved City Image

While these goals are in no particular order, each of them speaks to the commitment  our organization has to the future livability of Roseburg.  We look forward to working with Council and the community to achieve these goals!

Once the goals were established, Staff began work on the 2013-14 budgets for the City and its Urban Renewal Agency.  The City’s General Fund provides most of the  operational resources for the services provided to our  community.  The General Fund is where you will find the budgets for public works, public safety and our administrative functions.  This year’s budget re-incorporates the operational activities of Public Works back into the General Fund from the Public Works Special Revenue Fund.  The combined budget for these two funds is down about 2% from the combined budgets for 2012-13.  Resources in these funds have not kept pace with cost increases over the last few years which led us directly to consideration of Goal B above.  It is hoped that over the next year or two we will be able to establish a baseline for the level of services necessary to meet our community’s needs and then evaluate a funding system to provide that high level of service.

Much of our infrastructure is funded through our Water and Storm Drainage Utilities and our Urban Renewal Agency.  Future funding strategies included in Goals A and C will be critical in helping us with future projects.  For this year, two significant water  projects will be moving forward beginning in July. 

The largest is the completion of the water transmission main that carries water from the Winchester Water Treatment Plant into town.  That project will cost around $1.6 million and be completed this fall.  The second project is the replacement of a waterline  under the South Umpqua River that was damaged during the high water/storm event last year.  FEMA will cover 75% of the approximate $500,000 in total project cost.  We will be breaking ground on a new bicycle/pedestrian path that will connect Micelli Park and Templin Beach Park.  Much of the cost of this project comes from a state grant.  Once again, the project should be completed this summer.

Goals D and E are a little more difficult to define, but are equally important.  The City will be working with our community to improve the look of the major entrances to Roseburg as well as trying to identify incentives that will encourage groups and individuals to clean up and beautify private properties.  We want to establish high standards for development that meet the community’s needs and can be uniformly applied to development throughout the City.

We look forward to working with local businesses, volunteers and Staff to see that we accomplish the Council goals and continue to make Roseburg a better place to live, work and play.  Have a great summer!


C. Lance Colley
City Manager