City Ordinances

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Chapter 1  -  General Provisions
Chapter 2  -  Governmental Provisions
Chapter 3  -  Administrative Provisions
Chapter 4  -  Public Way
Chapter 5  -  Utilities
Chapter 6  -  Animals
Chapter 7  -  Offenses
Chapter 8  -  Traffic
Chapter 9  -  Business Regulations
Chapter 10 - Uniform Codes
Chapter 11 - Planning and Development (also see LUDO below)

Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO)

LUDO - All Chapters 


Commonly Referenced Sections:

Residential Zoning Districts

Business and Commercial Zoning Districts
Central Business District (CBD) Zoning

Industrial Zoning Districts

Historic Districts Overlay

Hillside Development / Geologic Review Overlay

Floodplain Overlay

West Avenue Residential Overlay

Off-Street Parking Requirements

Sign Regulations

Nonconforming Uses

Supplemental Provisions - Clear Vision Areas, Fence Standards, and more...