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Public Records Request Forms
Public Information is defined in ORS 192.410 - 192.500 and in the Oregon Attorney General's Public Meetings and Records Manual.  The sources referenced also list several limited circumstances under which a public body may decline to release certain information.  Because the identity and motive of the person seeking disclosure of a particular public record may be relevant in determining whether a record is exempt from mandatory disclosure under conditional exemption, please complete the request form below.

Community Event Application Forms
A special event is defined as any organized assembly or activity conducted by an individual or organization for a common purpose.  Most of these events are not planned or organized by the City of Roseburg.  However, the City will have concerns and responsibilities if the activity involves the use of City property, facilities or services.  Potential major loss exposures for special events include damage to public property, equipment and machinery and injuries to participants.  The forms are intended to assist event organizers and City Staff to ensure all the concerns and adopted City Policies and Ordinances are appropriately addressed. You can call the City Administration Office at 541-492-6866 with questions or email at the address shown at the bottom of the page.

Public Safety Center Community Room
To reserve a community room in the Public Safety Center, please review the Community Room Use Agreement and complete the Reservation Form.

Business Related Forms
Following are commonly used forms related to Business within the City of Roseburg. For additional details and helpful information, Click here.