Local Authors Showcase

Saturday, December 3
10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Roseburg Public Library

Roseburg Public Library invites the community to support local writers at our first Authors Showcase.

The event coincides with the final day of the Friends of the Roseburg Public Library book sale, so there will be a large selection of books to purchase for the readers in your life.

The Friends book sale hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1; 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday, Dec. 2; and 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3.

From 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, one writers group and 20 authors are scheduled to set up in the library’s Deer Creek and South Umpqua meeting rooms. This will be an opportunity for the public to meet local writers and discuss their work, and the authors will have books to sell. Each writer will handle their own transactions.

The authors cover a range of genres, so there should be a book for nearly every reading interest.

An Association of Writers of the Umpqua Valley provides feedback, fellowship and a forum for local writers.

Anthologies featuring local writers from the group

Dan Armstrong lives in Eugene, Oregon. He graduated from Princeton University in 1972 with a BSE in Aerospace Engineering and has been a freelance writer since 1980. He has published articles in the Register Guard, the Oregonian, the Eugene Magazine, the North Coast Times Eagle, the Eugene Weekly, Locally Grown, Oregon Tilth Magazine, the Landwatch Newsletter, Acres USA, and numerous websites. He also owns and operates the website Mud City Press.

Historical Fiction
The Siege of Syracuse, The Death of Marcellus, Zama, Cornelia: The First Woman of Rome, Chain of Souls, The Jewel Case
Prairie Fire, Taming the Dragon, Quicksand, Puddle of Love
Science Fiction
Blake College
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Short Stories
The Open Secret

L. Marie Baker has enjoyed her hobby of writing stories. Her grandson, Tarquin S. Waggoner, as well, has enjoyed his hobby of sketching characters. Together, they created stories to give life to Draco, Clute, Gear Heads, the odd.

Solar Sailing with Draco the Dragon: Mister Radio and Id

As well as being a published writer of Christian fiction and nonfiction devotional work and teacher, BJ Bassett was Assistant Elementary Director of Christian Education at Garden Grove Community Church, Garden Grove, California (today the Crystal Cathedral), Children's Ministry Director at Hydesville Community Church, Hydesville, California, a children's bookstore manager, and a conference director. Her forte as a writer and teacher is to inspire and motivate others to reach their dreams.

Gillian's Heart
Sweet Charity
The King's Daughters: A Women's Devotional

Born in Henderson, Nevada, Stephen Christiansen was born to a long line of military personnel. His travels from base to base helped inspire a young and imaginative mind. As he grew, he continued his world travels and has visited ancient cultural ruins, rain forests, volcanoes and exotic locations. With these in mind, he is able to weave epic stories of wondrous places and extraordinary people.

Stephen now lives in Roseburg, Oregon, with his wife and daughter. Today, he inspires to share with the rest of the world some of the fantastic real-life inspired places and events that have shaped his life.

High Fantasy/Fiction
The Orbbelgguren Series (dark elf series)
Prequel: Eclavarda: Promise of the Spider Queen, Book 1: Istobarra Commencement, Book 2: Istobarra Rising, Book 3: Maldev, Book 4: Transitions, Book 5: Qu'ellar Kre'jilen (House Rising), Book 6: Qu'ellar Elggat (House Destroyed), Book 7: Qu'ellar B'nossta (House Rebirth), Book 8: Eclavarda, Book 9: Child of the Shard, Book 10: The Troll Wars, Book 11: The Rising Dead, Book 12: Temple of Tears, Book 13: The God Wars, Book 14: Senet, Book 15: Children of the Spider, Book 16: The Forbidden City, Book 17: Resolution
Orbbelgguren Offshoots
Emilia, Tempest
Harbinger, Armageddon
Modern-day thriller
Lost Souls

B. Edward Clark writes books to delight his grandchildren and inspire the young at heart. He enjoys wilderness discovery walks and those spontaneous side excursions that lead to tasty berry bushes, rockhounding treasures or glimpses of forest creatures. Are you still awestruck with a sense of wonder when you contemplate the natural world around you? Welcome, kindred spirit, to the quest in progress -- to deepen faith and broaden human understanding.

Waiting for My Wings
Skinny Skelly Skunk

Cherie Coon is a retired educator who spent many years teaching the children of the American military stationed in Germany. While living in Europe she was an active volunteer in some of the historical reconstruction villages. This is where she got the inspiration for her books. She grew up in Ohio, but when she retired she settled in Grants Pass, Oregon. She and her husband, David, enjoy gardening and traveling. When not writing Cherie likes to quilt.

Yani series
Yani and the Knapper: The Journey Begins, Yani and the Seapeople: Taken, Yani and Etta: A New Beginning
Etta series
The Promised Journey, The Long Way Home

Bob Crites was born one of a set of triplets in a ranch house in Drain, Oregon; they were the first recorded triplets born in Douglas County. He was raised in poverty and family dysfunction, once spending the summer of 1954 living a period of houselessness in the forest. He went on to become a school counselor, led a life full of adventure, and devoted many years to helping others. He has earned numerous awards and recognition for his service and altruism. In 1964 he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Brazilian hinterlands of Mato Grosso, Brazil, when the country was taken in a military coup. And in the late 70s, he was an Associate Peace Corps Director in Guatemala during a civil war. In the 1990s, he partnered with the "Second Mother Teresa,'' one of the 20th century’s most enlightened women, to enrich the education of impoverished students in Brazil. In 1991 Bob was thrust into the role of agent for African teen Maria Mutola who went on to become an Olympic 800-meter gold medalist, world record-holding track star voted, along with cyclist Lance Armstrong, as the two top sports competitors in the world. In 1998 Dr. Jane Goodall personally requested Bob to partner with the Jane Goodall Institute in awarding academic scholarships in Tanzania. Bob is an avid backgammon player living with his Brazilian-born wife, Dalva, in Eugene, Oregon. They love to travel and winter at their beachside condo in Recife, Brazil.

No Ghosts in the Graveyard: The Lifetime Adventures of a Small-Town Oregon Boy

Jared Crouch is a local author and illustrator. He has written books that include adventuring cats, magical candy, Halloween friends, as well as aliens at Christmas.

Socko's Daring Delivery
Hard Candy
The Halloween Locket
A Brainsucker for Christmas
Socko's Second Daring Delivery

Ada Duncan is a newspaper journalist, a UCC writing instructor, author and magazine contributor. She currently writes a monthly Volunteer Opportunities for the News Review. Her latest book, Memories, documents her life and that of her late husband, also a journalist, because she believes Every Life Has a Story.

You Had to Be There

K.A. Ellison lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and 3 cats and a dog; she has a longstanding interest in the outdoors, birds and other animals. Writing and doing art from an early age, she gets her inspiration from many different places or experiences, and sometimes it comes from nothing. Mostly her genres are children's stories, poetry, short plays and articles. Ellison enjoys the beach, hiking, camping, going on walks, the gym, and canoeing. After finishing her B.A., majoring in literature, history and geography, with geography being one of the fields of study she often uses in her writings. In addition to writing children's stories, Ellison has published poetry and short stories in literary magazines and anthologies. Earning an MCA in Contemporary Art 2009, she has an extensive exhibition history, with paintings and other art mediums in numerous solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

Wacky Winter Birds

Robert Leo Heilman is an award-winning author, essayist and commentator. He has been writing professionally for thirty-seven years and has lived in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, for forty-seven years.

Overstory: Zero, Real Life in Timber Country
The World Pool, A Literary Variety
Children of Death

Born and raised in Chehalis, Washington, Evelyn Searle Hess studied journalism at the University or Washington, landscape architecture and journalism at the University of Oregon and horticulture at Oregon State University, earning an interdisciplinary masters degree from the University of Oregon in 1986. From daydreaming in the top of a willow tree to gardening beside her parents, from roaming Washington mountains in C. Leo Hitchcock's botany class to running the U of O biology greenhouses, from her garden design and maintenance service to a native plant nursery, Hess has always been most at home in the natural world.

To the Woods: Sinking Roots, Living Lightly, and Finding True Home
Building a Better Nest: Living Lightly at Home and in the World
Shoulder to Shoulder: Working Together for a Sustainable Future

Allen Huffstutter has been a resident of Douglas County for more than 20 years. Over the course of his business career, he has been involved in finance and in launching new business start-ups. Most of his working life has involved "doing deals.” That background — combined with a Bachelor's in Finance from San Diego State University and a Masters in Business Administration from USC — provided him with a solid basis for weaving together a nuanced financial plot-line involving a cast of memorable characters and murder ... resulting in his novel Key Man.

Taking on a completely different writing challenge, he also wrote Liz Estrada, an adaptation of Aristophanes’ 2,400-year-old Greek comedy Lysistrata.

Key Man
Liz Estrada

David L. Johnston has lived in Roseburg since 1973. He writes about US Aviation History and contributes articles to the American Aviation Historical Society and to the Seaplane Pilots Association. He is a presenter at numerous air shows, fund raisers and book signings throughout Oregon, Washington and California.

The Knights of Avalon: Seaplanes of Catalina Island

James Ross Kelly lives in Northern California. He has been a journalist for Gannet, a travel book editor, and had a score of labor jobs — the in-between, jobs you get from being an English major. Mr. Kelly was born in Kansas and moved to Southern Oregon when he was nine. Mr. Kelly attended Southern Oregon University and has worked in the natural resources industry in Oregon and California. He retired as a writer-editor for the Forest Service, where he spent a decade each in Oregon and Alaska. He started writing poetry in college on the GI Bill. His poems and stories have appeared in Silver Birch Press (Los Angeles), Cargo Literary (Prince Edward Island), The Galway Review (Galway, Ireland), Rock and Sling (Spokane, WA) and Blood and Bourbon (Nova Scotia).

And the Fires We Talked About
Black Ice & Fire

Gary Lark grew up in the Umpqua Valley of Southern Oregon. He was formed by the living water of the Umpqua River. It became his guide and metaphor. Seventy-plus years later, the constant, particular chaos of the river near Whistler’s Bend still informs; the voice of the river below Eagle Rock freshens the mind; trolling the smooth water above Wells Creek is a meditation. All other rivers are defined by the one that taught him more than he could possibly learn.

Among other things he has been a carpenter, janitor, hospital aide, salesman, storyteller and fisherman. The last thirty years of his working life were spent as a librarian.

Poetry Books
Easter Creek, Daybreak on the Water, Ordinary Gravity, In the House of Memory, Without a Map, Getting By
Poetry Chapbook
River of Solace

Doranne Long has practiced physical therapy since 1981 after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington. In 1988, she completed a Master of Science in Physical Therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in Boston. She has lived and worked in Southern Oregon for more than 30 years. She is the daughter of Jim and Barbara Long, long-time residents of Roseburg, Oregon.

She specializes as an orthopedic manual physical therapist, and has worked in clinics, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and in home health. She believes it is vital to care for ourselves physically, as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She is passionate about empowering individuals, through education, to successfully manage their health.

Your Body Book: Guide to Better Body Motion with Less Pain

Award-winning author Michael Niemann draws on real events around the world when crafting his thrillers. With locations ranging from Antwerp to Turkey, his novels explore crime and conflicts in unique places.

Valentin Vermeulen thriller series

Legitimate Business, Illicit Trade, Illegal Holdings (winner of the Silver Falchion Award for best thriller at Killer Nashville, 2019), No Right Way, Percentages of Guilt, The Last Straw

Pat Speth Sherman, an independent scholar, grew up in Buffalo, New York, on land she lately learned was once the Buffalo Creek Reservation. Her ancestors hail from rural central Pennsylvania. Continuing her family's centuries-long commitment to community involvement, she previously served as mayor of Brookings, Oregon. Pat is a graduate of University of Portland and Oregon State University. Her articles have appeared in Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography and Oregon Historical Quarterly.

American Tapestry: Portrait of a "Middling" Family, 1746-1934

John A. Trotogott, a proud veteran of the U.S. Army and retired millwright/salesman of the steel/titanium and safety products industries, originated in Ohio. He now lives with his lovely wife, Mary Nora, in Roseburg, Oregon. His work has appeared in the News Review, 335th Helicopter Company Newsletter, 173rd Airborne Brigade Newsletter, AAW of the Umpqua Valley Spectrum and AAW of the Umpqua Valley Anthology. John is an active member of the AAW of the Umpqua Valley writing group.

Winston's Journey

Frank Warren, a lifelong resident of California, relocated recently with his wife, Mary Jo, to Roseburg. His Scribble Dog stories were originally written 20 years ago for their two grandsons, who lived on the North Umpqua River and still do. Upon moving to the North Umpqua River in late 2020, Frank resurrected the stories.

An Adventure of Scribble Dog and Pointy Fox