Leaf Program

The City of Roseburg Public Works Department provides a leaf collection program. 012.jpgThe program begins the first part of November and continues to first week of January.  Pick-ups start  in the West Harvard area and move in a clockwise direction; this route will be repeated until the end of the pickup period. It usually takes two to four weeks to make one complete cycle of the city limits depending on the quantity of leaves. Because area sizes and leaf quantities vary, specific dates and times for picking up leaves on any particular street cannot be provided.

Leaves are NOT to be placed in the street gutter, ditches, bike lane, too close to parked vehicles, or on top of catch basins. Residents could be responsible for any hazards they create for others by the placement of their leaves. Persons that place leaves in the City's right-of-way are responsible to keep drainage structures clear of leaves during rainstorms until leaves can be picked up.

* Location Update *

12/5/16 The leaf crew is in the Neighborhoods on the north side of Diamond Lake Blvd.

We will be closed Friday, December 23rd and Monday, December 26th for the Christmas holiday, so there will be NO leaf pick-up on those days.

City crews will not pick up anything else except leaves that have been raked and piled up.  

City residents who would like to have one or more loads of leaves delivered to their property should call Public Works at 541-492-6889; the minimum amount is one dump truck load (5-6 cubic yards). Leaves will not be deposited on City, County, State right-of-way, or on parking strips. Once delivered the leaves become the requestor's responsibility.

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