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Water Department Summary of Policies and Rates
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Chapter 5.04 Water System Rules and Regulations
Water Billing Auto Pay Authorization
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Currently a deposit is not required from new customers.

Charges & Rates

Activation of Service:
During normal business hours $15.00
Overtime $20.00
After hours call out $100.00

Monthly Consumption Charges:
Monthly consumption charges are based on meter size. Please contact the Water Billing department for charges.

Delinquent Accounts:
Mailed or delivered $20.00

Delinquent Accounts

A water account is delinquent if not paid within thirty days of the billing date. A second notice will be sent about thirty days following the original billing date. The second notice states the water service may be discontinued after the fifteenth day following the date of the second notice. See "Charges & Rates" for charges to delinquent accounts.

Discontinuance of Service
At least twenty-four hours prior to discontinuance of water service, a delinquency notice will be left at the premises receiving water service. If the premises is not reasonably accessible, the notice will be mailed to the customer. The delinquency notice will state when water will be shut off unless all delinquent amounts and charges are paid. An administrative charge will be added if the account has not been paid and a delinquency notice has been distributed.

Dispute of Charges
If the customer disputes the amount due on the account, the customer shall have fifteen days from the date of the second notice within which to file a written request to have the account reviewed by the City Manager. The request shall state the reasons why the customer believes the amount is in error.

Any customer seeking timely review of a water bill will be heard before discontinuation of water service. The hearing will be held by the City Manager. The decision of the City Manager will be final.

If the City Manager finds in favor of the customer, any or all of the appropriate charges may be returned to the customer or credited to the customer's account. If the City Manager determines that the customer owes the City any money, the customer will pay the amount due within the time ordered by the City Manager. If the amount is not paid, water service will be discontinued.

Final Bills
Final bills are due and payable upon receipt. After thirty days the account will be re-billed. If the account is not paid after an additional sixty days, the account will be turned over to a collection agency.

Leak Repair
It is the customer's responsibility to maintain all pipes, fittings and fixtures on the customer's property in proper order free from leakage or waste.

Water Use Restrictions
Wells are not allowed for any purpose of supplying water to any structure containing a plumbing fixture or for any water uses associated with such a structure.

Resale of water received by the customer from the utility is not allowed except by special agreement with the utility.

Damage to Meters or Other Equipment
The customer will be liable for any damage to a meter or other equipment or property owned by the utility which is caused by an act of the customer or customer's agents. The utility will be reimbursed by the customer for any such damage promptly on presentation of a bill.

Changes in Equipment or Water Usage
A customer shall immediately give the utility written notice if making material changes in the

character or
extent of the equipment or operation utilizing water service,

with the change resulting in the consumption of larger or smaller amount of water.

Storm Drain Summary of Policies and Rates  

Storm Drain:
Private responsibility for storm drains consists of, but is not limited to:

Storm drainage facility or system not located on City-owned property, City right-of-way, or City easement
A private parking lot storm drain
Any roof, footing or area drain
A storm drainage facility not designed and constructed by the general public
A drainage swale which collects storm water from a basin less than one hundred acres
Access drive culverts in the public right-of-way or on private property
A retention system in the construction of which the City did not financially participate

The obligation to pay storm drainage fees arises when the person responsible uses storm drainage services. Storm drainage services are presumed to be used whenever there is an improved premises.

Storm Drainage Fees:
There will be a connection charge for any new development which results in increasing the amount of storm water discharged directly or indirectly from property into a public drainage facility.

Connection Fee:

Single Family Unit $1097.00
All other developments 0.366 per sq. ft. of impervious surface

Monthly Storm Drain Fee $8.32