Master Plans

Master Plans can provide a comprehensive picture of infrastructure or be a blueprint for future expansion of the city. Master Plans help identify economic and other factors relating to infrastructure, development, planning, acquisition and sustainability. Following are Master Plans categorized by different city departments.


  1. ADA Title II Transition Plan 2018


  1. Roseburg Regional Airport Master Plan 2018

Community Development Department   

  1. Roseburg Urban Area Comprehensive Plan
  2. Downtown Roseburg Master Plan 2000
  3. Downtown Grocery Market Study for the City of Roseburg 2011
  4. Housing Needs Analysis 2019
  5. Mill-Pine National Historic District Neighborhood Master Plan
  6. Oregon Main Street Program Resource Team Report 2009
  7. Transportation System Plan Volume I - Transportation System Plan Volume II - Reference Material
  8. I-5 Bottleneck Plan 2021.pdf
  9. Waterfront Master Development Plan 2010
  10. Bike Routes Plan Volume 1 - Bike Routes Plan Volume 2 - Appendices
  11. Downtown Parking Assessment and Plan


  1. Water Utility Water Rate Study

Parks and Recreation    

  1. Roseburg Comprehensive Parks Master Plan
  2. Stewart Park Master Plan

Public Works/Water   

  1. Capital Improvement Plan 2021-2026
  2. Downtown Utility Undergrounding Feasibility Study 2010 draft
  3. Five Year Pavement Management Plan 2021
  4. NW Black Avenue Extension - Alternative Analysis
  5. RUSA Collection System Master Plan
  6. Storm Drainage Master Plan
  7. Water System Master Plan
  8. WTP Emergency Backup Power Generator Study
  9. Water Management and Conservation Plan 2020
  10. Long-Range Water Supply Plan
  11. Water Treatment Facilities Preliminary Design Report

Urban Renewal   

  1. Diamond Lake Urban Renewal Plan
  2. Diamond Lake Urban Renewal Accompanying Report