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City Creates Program to Allow Outdoor Seating Opportunities for Businesses


City Creates Program to Allow Outdoor Seating Opportunities for Businesses

Roseburg, OR – The City of Roseburg has created a program that will allow businesses to utilize public, on-street parking spaces to accommodate outdoor seating, queuing and shopping areas. Restaurants and retail businesses, located within Roseburg, now have an additional option to provide outdoor seating for their customers. Businesses, who are interested in participating in this program, are encouraged to apply for a Business Use of Right-of-Way Permit.

Community Development Director Stuart Cowie explains what this means for retailers and restaurants.

“The program is similar to what other cities have been doing in Oregon and across the nation to help provide support to businesses suffering from the economic impacts of COVID-19,” says Cowie. “In a nutshell, the new program would provide assistance by making space available inside designated parking spaces located in public right-of-way for businesses to more effectively provide social distancing measures for their customers. For example, a restaurant owner, who is limited by the number of customers that can eat in their restaurant, could apply for this permit to place tables and chairs as seating options in a parking space located in front of the business to serve additional customers.”

This permit program is the latest effort by the City to help provide economic aid for local businesses impacted by COVID-19. There is no fee to apply and the review process is streamlined so that businesses can start utilizing their space as soon as possible.

In order to apply for the permit, businesses are required to adhere to certain criteria. For a list of the criteria, please download a copy of the Business Use of Right-of-Way Permit application here.

In addition to submitting the application, each applicant must provide a site plan, which details the parking spaces to be used and the location and type of barricades, furniture and fixtures that will be placed in the right-of-way. Businesses who serve alcohol will also need to provide a copy of their current OLCC license.

Once approved by the City, permits are valid from the date of issuance until October 30, 2020.  For questions and more information about the Business Use of Right-of-Way Permit application, please contact our Public Works Department at or 541-492-6730.

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