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City Debuts New E-Newsletter


City of Roseburg Debuts New E-Newsletter

Roseburg OR – The City of Roseburg is proud to announce the launch of its brand new e-newsletter, the City Connection. Residents can sign up for the newsletter by going to the City’s website,, or by visiting this link HERE.

Launching in October 2020, the City Connection will be a monthly e-newsletter that highlights City projects, events, meetings, and other important topics, all conveniently delivered directly to your inbox. Each month, the City will highlight new topics of interest to the public as a means of increasing community outreach and communication.

Communications Specialist, Eric Johnson, comments on the development of the e-newsletter. “This past summer, we created and sent out a survey to obtain feedback from the public on ideas to increase communication from the City,” says Johnson. “Looking at the results, we found a clear demand for a monthly e-newsletter. In response to this feedback, we have developed a newsletter that we believe our residents will enjoy reading.”

Prior to the e-newsletter, the City Connection started as a print-only document. Previous newsletters were created and released every six months. Due to a lack of performance metrics, a better solution was needed.

“It was difficult to track the performance of the print newsletter,” says Johnson. “Now, with our e-newsletter, we can track key measurements such as open-rates, click-thru rates, and other metrics that will tell us how well it is performing. Over time, we can gain better insight into what topics resonate with our residents.”

To sign up for the City Connection, please visit this link HERE. Links to the e-newsletter sign-up form can also be found on the City’s website,, as well as on the City’s social media channels Facebook and Nextdoor.

For questions and more information about the City Connection e-newsletter, please contact the City at 541-492-6700 or

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