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City Suspends Tourism Grant Program for this Fall and Winter


City Suspends Tourism Grant Program for this Fall and Winter

Roseburg OR – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Roseburg is suspending its Tourism Grant Program for this fall and winter. The program will be re-evaluated in Spring 2021, after which City staff will make a determination on continuing the grant cycle.

The program, which would normally open in November, is funded by the hotel and motel room tax. The tax is collected quarterly from lodging establishments within the City limits. Unfortunately, due to a significant decrease in these tax collections, the City has suspended the program until sufficient funds can become available.

Community Development Director Stuart comments on the suspension. “We are sad to see our program postponed because of the pandemic,” says Cowie. “But it is our hope that once the lodging industry bounces back, the program can return to provide funding support for events, promotions and other projects that market our area to visitors.”

The Tourism Grant Program provides grants to local organizations that help market Roseburg as a tourism destination. The funding cycle is done twice per year, the first one occurring in the fall and the second one happening in the spring. During each cycle, organizations who wish to obtain funding for their project, event or promotion are required to submit an application to the City. The Economic Development Commission (EDC) reviews each application based on a series of established criteria. The EDC then makes a determination on funding for each application.

For more information about the Tourism Grant Program, please contact the City Community Development Department at or at 541-492-6750.


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