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Masks optional at City buildings March 12


ROSEBURG – Mask use will be optional for visitors at City facilities starting Saturday, March 12, as the Oregon Health Authority lifts the state’s indoor mask mandate following a drop in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

Masks or other face coverings will no longer be required to visit Roseburg City Hall, the Public Safety Center, Roseburg Public Library or other City buildings and facilities. However, masks will continue to be required in the library behind the front desk and in the employee-only work area. Visitors and City employees in all other places can still choose to wear masks if they wish.

The Roseburg City Council is expected to begin meeting in person Monday, April 11, and Council meetings will be open to the public. Council meetings also will continue to be livestreamed via Facebook for those who prefer to watch or attend virtually. Public comments on meeting agenda items can be made in person, virtually via Zoom, or by email or handwritten letter.

Roseburg Planning Commission meetings will return to in-person in May with virtual options for watching and public comments. For now, all other Roseburg commission meetings will continue to be held virtually via Zoom and shown online via Facebook Live.

Roseburg residents and business owners are encouraged to do business online, or by phone or email whenever possible:

• Administration: or 541-492-6866;

• Community Development: or 541-492-6750;

• Finance: or 541-492-6710;

• Fire Department: or 541-492-6770

• Library: or 541-492-7050;

• Municipal Court: or 541-492-6720;

• Parks and Recreation: or 541-492-6730;

• Police: or 541-492-6760;

• Public Works: or 541-492-6730.

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