The Roseburg Police Department has changed the way the daily police patrol logs are disseminated. In the past, the Public Information Officer would send those logs out via e-mail to news media and other local government contacts. The logs were then posted to our web page. With the new format we will no longer be posting those on our web page, but everyone will still be able to access them, and at no cost. To register to receive our police patrol logs all you need to do is the following:

1. Go to (this page)

2. On the main page scroll down until you come to a section that is titled, "Subscribe by Department".

3. Under "Select Mailing Groups" choose "Police Logs"

4. In the e-mail box enter your preferred email address where you'd like to receive the logs

5. Click the "Subscribe" button, and that's it. You will then start receiving the patrol logs via e-mail.

If you ever decide you want to unsubscribe to Roseburg patrol logs, simply hit the unsubscribe link that will be at the top right of the patrol log e-mails. This change will be for patrol logs only; we will still be utilizing the FlashAlert system for major news releases and special event information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. For those in the media and local government who received the e-mails already, there's no need to register, as we have already completed that for you.

As a side note, the messages we send through FlashAlert will automatically post to our web page under "Police Flash Alerts" and if you've already registered for free news alerts at, you'll continue to receive those.