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City Council Meeting Agenda Packet

Current Council Agenda Packet - January 10, 2022   This meeting will include the Mayor's State of the City presentation

Public Viewing Access:
City website at
Facebook Live at
Currently, the Charter Cable PEG Channel 191 has been experiencing technical issues and is not available at this time.

City Council Meetings
Regular City Council meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. electronically via zoom and can be viewed by the public on the City's website and Facebook Live (see above). Agendas for upcoming Council meetings are available on this page of the website.

Public Input
Citizens may speak on any item on the agenda, unless the item is the subject of an executive session or a public hearing where comments have been taken and the hearing has closed.

To provide comment during virtual meetings, contact the City Recorder by phone (541-492-6866) or email ( by 4:00 p.m. the day of the meeting. Provide your name, address, phone number, which item on the agenda you wish to speak. You will then be provided with a link and phone number to the Council meeting. Log or call in prior to the start of the meeting using the link or phone number provided.

  • When accessing the meeting through the Zoom link, you will be asked to enter your email and name. After entering your email and name, click "Join Webinar" to join the meeting as an attendee.
  • When accessing the meeting through the phone, call the number provided.
  • All attendees will be held in a "waiting room" until called on to speak.

Provide your name, address, phone number and which item on the agenda you wish to speak.

Persons addressing the Council must state their name and address for the record, including whether or not they are a resident of the City of Roseburg.  All remarks shall be directed to the entire City Council. The Council reserves the right to delay any action requested until they are fully informed on the matter.

Citizen Participation

  • Anyone wishing to speak regarding an item on the agenda may do so when Council addresses that item.
  • Anyone wishing to speak regarding an item on the Consent Agenda, or on a matter not on the evening's agenda, may do so under "Audience Participation".

Providing Comments
If you join the meeting via Zoom, please select the "raise hand" button when the Mayor calls for speakers. You will be moved out of the "waiting room" to speak. After you have provided your comments, you will be moved back into the "waiting room".

If you join the meeting on the phone number you provided to the City Recorder, you will be brought into the meeting to speak when the Mayor calls for speakers, then moved back to the "waiting room".

Time Limitations
With the exception of public hearings, each speaker will be allotted a total of 6 minutes. At the 4-minute mark, a warning bell will sound at which point the Mayor will remind the speaker there are only 2 minutes left. All testimony given shall be new and not have been previously presented to Council.
A total of 30 minutes shall be allocated for the "Audience Participation" portion of the meeting.

If a matter presented to Council is of a complex nature, the Mayor or a majority of Council may:

  1. Postpone the public comments to "Items From Mayor, Councilors or City Manager" after completion of the Council's business agenda, or
  2. Schedule the matter for continued discussion at a future Council meeting.

The Mayor and City Council reserve the right to respond to audience comments after the audience participation portion of the meeting has been closed.

  Archived Council Meetings
Agendas are available on the website for the current year and one year prior. To review previous meeting agenda, please click here. If you are seeking information from an older meeting, please contact the City Administration Office. A public records request may be required.