Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are available in Parks & Recreation.  Below is a list of the primary types of activities that volunteers perform.  However, feel free to contact us with other ideas also!  To apply to be a volunteer please click HERE.

Informal Parks Volunteer:  Serve in your favorite park as often as you wish, helping plant flowers, pulling weeds, picking up litter or other natural resource improvement activities.

Adopt-a-Park / Adopt-a-Trail: Organizations or individuals can formally "Adopt-a-Park" or "Adopt-a-Trail" and provide beautification throughout the parks, pathways, and nature trails.

Special Projects:  Painting, carpentry, landscaping, and natural resource activities are a few of the areas for special projects.  Have an idea for a City project? Run it by us and let's see what we can do together!

Recreation Program Volunteers:  We'd love to have your help with the set-up and/or take-down of equipment at community events such as "Movies in the Park".  Or, share your knowledge and skills by teaching a class.    

Volunteer Sponsor:  Your company has an opportunity to support local volunteerism by providing funding for volunteer projects and/or volunteer recognition.                                                                                               

To find out how to be a volunteer or more about any of the above listed opportunities please view the City of Roseburg Volunteer Program Manual or contact the Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator at 541-492-6899.