Q. - Who do I call if there is a dead animal on the street or sidewalk?
A. - Call 541-492-6730, we will take a work order and have someone come by to pick up the dead animal. However, please be patient if someone is not able to come right away, as sometimes we do not have enough crew members for the amount of work or projects being done, and it may take until the next day for someone to get there.

Q. - Does the City pick up leaves and brush all the time, sometimes, or never?
A. - In the fall, the City does pick up ONLY leaves from November through the first week in January each year. We started this program so that the storm drains and drainage ditches would not become extremely plugged when the hard winter rains begin; thus, making it easier for our Street crews to be available for other work orders and problems that arise. The City advertises in the News Review a couple of weeks before the Leaf Pick-up Program begins. Please be sure to read not only when they will begin, but how and where you may place your leaves. If you have questions regarding this service please contact 541-492-6730.

Q. - Who do I talk to about problems with or questions about sanitary sewer?
A. - The sanitary sewer system is not run by the City of Roseburg. You may contact the Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority (RUSA for short) at 541-672-1551.

Q - There are potholes in our street - how do I get those fixed?
A. - Call 541-492-6730, if the street is public and not private, a work order will be prepared and a member from the Street crew will assess the problem. When applicable the street will be included on a list of repairs, and then when the crew patches streets, it will be done at that time. Hazardous situations may be repaired sooner.

Q - The street light is out, or not working properly, on a street - how do I get it fixed?
A. - Call 541-492-6730 to report problems with street lights. When reporting a malfunctioning street light, please have an address and/or the pole number (usually located 4-5 feet up on the pole) available to provide to our office staff. This allows for a workorder to be processed more quickly, as the City contracts out the maintenance of the street lights. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Please be aware that it may take up to 3-6 weeks for repairs to be made.

Q - Who do I contact if a traffic signal is out or malfunctioning?
A. - Contact Public Works at 541-492-6730 to report the malfunctioning traffic signal. The City contracts with ODOT for maintenance of the traffic signals and will contact them for repair.

Q - Who do I contact when the train blocks the road?
A. - Please call ODOT's Rail Section for train blockages, number 1-503-986-4230 or 1-503-986-3183. They will need to get information from you, which we would not be able to give them.

Q. - Who do I call when I am going to dig a hole or trench, place a fence, etc.?
A. - When digging in the ground, you should always call to have all utilities located. The number for "Call Before You Dig", or Oregon Utility Notification Center (OUNC), is 1-800-332-2344 or 811. They will notify all utility companies in your area which will mark the area, with different colors of paint, where you will be digging.

Q. - Who do I call if there is a tree down and blocking the sidewalk, street, or bike/walking path?
A. - Please call 541-492-6730, a work order will be taken and a City Parks or Street crew will attend to the situation.

Q. - Who do I call regarding our water quality, fluoride, chlorine, etc.?
A. - Please call the Water Treatment Plant at 541-492-7030. They will be able to answer your questions regarding what the City's drinking water is treated with. There is also a City of Roseburg Water Quality Report (see links below) which is done yearly. Keep in mind that since the report is yearly, it will be for the previous year, not the current one.

2023 Water Quality Report