Below is a brief status update of current Public Works Projects. Please be patient, use caution and pay close attention to flaggers and other construction workers.  Safety of both the workers and the travelling public is of utmost importance in all of our work zones.

If you have any questions about any of the projects, please contact the Public Works Department at 541-492-6730.  

Water Projects

Water Treatment Plant Standby Power

Garden Valley, Hawthorne, Ventura and Pump Station #2 have switch gear installed and the pump station has been powered by portable generators.  Contractor is still waiting on switch gear for Kline pump station.  Switch gear has been installed at the Water Treatment Plant, power disconnect, and final wiring will take place this fall when plant water production volumes drop off.  Projected completion October 2023.

Vine and Hooker Water Main Projects

This project replaces approximately 565 LF of 4-inch cast iron water main in NE Vine Street with 8-inch ductile iron pipe.  The existing pipe was installed in 1954.  Project also includes the installation of approximately 1,200 LF of 8-inch ductile iron water main on Hooker Road.  Contractor has started installing pipe on Hooker Road and is expected to be completed late July.  Once Hooker Road installation is complete the contractor will begin on the Vine Street portion of the project.  Project has been completed.

24-inch Transmission Main Replacement - Isabell to Newton Creek

This project replaces approximately 4,100 LF of 20-inch steel transmission main in NE Stephens Street from Isabell Avenue to just south of Newton Creek Road.  The existing 20-inch transmission main was installed in 1934.  Bids were opened on June 29th and if Public Works Commission recommends the bid award it will be presented to City Council on July 24, 2023.  Completion is expected Fall 2024.

18-inch HWY 138 Water Main Replacement - Kester Rd to Sunshine Rd

This project will upsize approximately 3,200 LF of existing 8-inch asbestos cement water main with 18-inch ductile iron water main.  The design is approximately 80% complete, utility conflicts have delayed the completion of the project design.  Unmarked Lumen fiber lines are in conflict with about 35% of the design alignment.  If the Public Works Commission recommends moving forward with the design amendment it will be presented to City Council on July 24, 2023.  This project is just design currently, construction schedule yet to be determined.

SE Stephens and SE Pine Water Main Replacement

Project will replace approximately 2,700 LF of 6-inch cast iron pipe in SE Stephens with 12-inch ductile iron.  The existing pipe was installed between 1928 and 1935.  Project also includes replacing approximately 2,700 linear feet of 4 and 6-inch cast iron pipe in SE Pine with 8-inch ductile iron.  The existing pipe in SE Pine was installed between 1938 and 1962.  Century West is currently building a base map with existing utilities and will identify a proposed alignment.  Project is scheduled to bid early 2024 with construction starting Spring 2024.

Newton Creek Water Main Replacement

This project will replace approximately 1,550 linear feet of 4-inch and 6-inch diameter cast iron pipe installed in the mid 1950's with 12-inch diameter ductile iron pipe.  Project was designed by City staff and is ready to bid.  

Transportation Projects

2023 Slurry Seal Project

Work on this years slurry seal project was completed on July 7, 2023.  Project completed slurry seal of approximately 1.6 miles of city streets.  Completed July 2023.

2023 Chip Seal Project

The City is working with the County to chip seal Lookingglass Road from Woodside Avenue to Harvard Avenue.  Project was scheduled to be completed in August but has been postponed until spring of 2024.

2023 Grind/Inlay, SE Pine & Stewart Parkway (Stephens to Airport)

This project consists of approximately 900 SY of base repair and a 2-inch grind and inlay on SE Pine from Rice Avenue south to approximately Parrott Creek.  Project also includes a 4-inch asphalt grind and inlay on Stewart Parkway between Airport Road and NE Stephens Street.  Project was completed August 2023.

Kline Street ADA Ramp Replacement Project

This project will replace 16 ADA ramps on Kline Street from Calkins Avenue to Moore Avenue.  Project has been awarded and contracts delivered to Guido Construction.  Project is complete.

NE Stephens ADA Ramp Replacement - Edenbower to North City Limits

Staff is negotiating design scope, fee, and schedule with Century West.  Design will be completed Fall 2023.  The project will be bid early 2024 with construction beginning Spring 2024.

W Bradford ADA Ramp Replacement

Staff is currently working on design and construction drawings for the replacement of approximately 14 ADA Ramps on W. Bradford Avenue and W. Broccoli Street.  Project is expected to bid early 2024 with construction taking place spring of 2024.

Storm Projects

2023 Storm CIPP Project Vine and Alameda

This project consists of rehabilitation of approximately 904 LF of 42-inch diameter and 483 LF of 48-inch diameter storm drainpipe utilizing cured-in-place-pipe.  Contract has been awarded in the amount of $540,750.  Project was completed June 2023.

Calkins/Troost and Rainbow/Haggerty Storm Project

This project will install approximately 3,250 LF of storm line in the Calkins/Troost and Harvard at Rainbow and Haggerty.  This project will abandon existing storm facilities that run through private property and in some cases, under residential buildings.  The City put in for, and received American Rescue Plan Act funding, and will be receiving $1,570,064 towards the design and construction of this project.  Contractor has begun work on the Calkins/Troost portion of the project.  Project is currently under construction.

Storm CIPP Project Alameda and Church

This project consists of rehabilitation of approximately 1169 LF of 36-inch diameter and 1979 LF of 42-inch diameter storm drain pipe utilizing cured-in-place-pipe.  Bids were opened on June 29, 2023 and if Public Works Commission recommends award, it will be presented to City Council on July 24, 2023.  Project will be constructed Spring 2024.


Fulton Shop Roof Replacement

Contractor completed installation of the membrane roofing and will complete installation of metal wall cap flashing in July.  Project is complete.